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Résumé Run


Run, scale, and plunge through office buildings while working your way to the top in this Arcade platformer. Hand out as many resumes as possible before time expires! Gain time by collecting new resumes and turning them in to hiring managers. How far will you go to get the job?

My Role and Experience:

Résumé Run is a game I started working on while pursuing a career in the game industry. I was inspired after receiving constant rejections and continuing to persist and follow my dreams. Each time I would revise my résumé and continue to hone my skills. For me it evoked a similar feeling to leveling up in an RPG to finally defeat a high level boss. I decided to share this experience by creating a game depicting a determined and slightly frantic character working their way up in the world(s). I felt that this struggle to move up is something that is relatable to a large audience, as our industry is not the only industry where finding work can prove challenging.

I developed this game using Construct 2, a visual scripting tool for HTML5 games. I found this tool allowed for quick iterations and testing of the game as it evolved. With little experience programming and more experience making game art, I found this tool to be instrumental in the quick development cycle of Résumé Run.


The first few builds of the game featured only 10 floors and I had intentionally capped the potential High Score to 62 by giving the player less time rewarded every 15 resumes submitted. I had planned to work on the game a little more tweaking a few mechanics. Until a player on the Scirra arcade page where the game was uploaded asked a simple question " What happens when he gets a job?". My mind started racing, I woke up several times that night to write notes based on ideas I had for the game. That night I came up with Bosses, literal Bosses. Each would require a specific number of résumés to be defeated, and once defeated they would unlock hiring managers above them and provide the player with a new skill to aid them on their journey to the top. At this point I realized that though the two worlds in the game were looking good, it was too simple to reach the top of each. I began expanding the first level upwards, making it a 30 story building.


Résumé Run is now available for FREE on iOS and the Google Play Store.

Play the game on PC


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