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Dig 4 Dino


Dig 4 Dino is A fast-paced, exploration runner game for iOS and Android devices. Dig deep into five sediment layers of the Earth while in search of dinosaur fossils to populate your museum! I worked on design, Concept Art, and localization for this game.

My Role and Experience:

Dig 4 Dino was a game that was handed down to me by the previous Lead Designer at Cellec Games. I was put in charge of design about halfway into production, and had to make some changes to the design documentation and production choices based on the requests from our executive producer. I made several minimal adjustments to the design in order to optimize the player experience without comprimising the original game design. I also worked alongside another spanish speaker for the spanish localization.

This was a great experience for me because it was the third time I had stepped in to another designers work, but this time the game did not require a complete re-design. I was able to come in and improve on the existing design without an abundance of re-design. We managed to complete the game within our deadline.


Available On Google Play Store

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