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Unpublished Games

In Plain Sight

In Plain Sight is a fast twitch based shooter where players try to earn the most points in a match while attempting to remain unseen. Players are randomly placed in one of six loadouts with unique weapons and unique detriment to their invisibility. Don't be seen.

My Role and Experience:

I came up with the concept for this game with a fellow classmate. He was producer on the title and I was the lead designer. We Ironed out exactly how we wanted the game to look, play, and feel in an extensive design document. The art was supposed to be similar to Super Hot, but with more detail to the environments since the players would be invisible for a majority of the game. The game was meant to be played in a free for all scenario that was quick paced and thrilling. We hoped players would feel anxious and trigger happy considering they would leap at the sight of an opponent in our see or be seen(and killed) scenario. 

Along with complete design documentation, logo art, and theoretical balancing between the five character classes, I also worked on level designs focused on an Arena aesthetic and play style. The biggest challenge we faced in our level designs was fitting in 12+ spawns in our levels that prevented spawn kills or a direct line of sight from another spawn point. I found level creation to be extremely rewarding (when getting feedback) as well as intruiging when considering the possibilities available to make captivating, and competitive level designs. Working on level designs for IPS inspired me to further research level design practices and I was able to present my research for my thesis project.







When we began the project we had to put together the team for the game from students that were around us. Luckily we managed to find several very talented artists. However we were not able to find enough talented programmers to get the networking in and complete the game. After a majority of the original team and I graduated, the project passed hands and I have not heard of it since. IPS was a very exciting concept that brought originality to the class systems we so frequently see in FPS. I hope to see it completed some day.

Cell Squadron

Cell Squadron (May also be referred to as CS) is an educational 3rd person 3D scrolling shooting game themed around aircraft combat and the human immune system. CS takes place inside the circulatory system of a very sick child. The player is given full command of the 101st Adaptive Squadron. This squadron is made up of 5 unique white blood cells. You must navigate the lymphatic system with your squadron in order to investigate and eradicate the sources of illness in your host’s body. Choose a defender for the mission and join the body’s immune system on the adventure FOR a life’s time.

Checking In

Checking IN is a unfinished horror themed escape game made in a two week game jam.


Download Here

Curse Of Atlas

Curse of Atlas is a Prototype Game Project assigned to myself and a team of 9 over a month. Atlas has to carry his boulder across levels but he has the advantage of being able to throw it to propel himself upward as well as to kill enemies.




Glitch Getaway

Glitch Getaway is an endless runner where you play as Glitch Glen trying to corrupt a world set within computers. Glenn corrupts the systems by moving farther into the heart of the world, the farther he gets into the world the faster and more dangerous the obstacles become.


Download Here




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