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Barnibles Series


Barnibles is an educational, colorful matching game that teaches young ones (3-5) about our planets animal kingdom, watch them have fun matching earths favorite animals with their correct names, shapes, and sounds in three different game modes. I worked on production, art, and design for this game series.

My Role and Experience:

Barnibles was a game that had been in the works before I became lead designer. The game was called "The game says" when I received it. I was Producer and Lead Designer on the project. The first flaw I discovered after testing (with an age appropriate audience) was that kids could not navigate what we had believed was a simple UI. At the time "The game says" had four games packed into one. For the sake of simplification and ease of play we decided to break up the games into a series of games. Brainstorming with the team and our Executive Producer yielded the name Barnibles, which we believed to be catchy and cute. 

As Lead Designer, I was in charge of assigning the design team at Cellec Games to tasks. New designers received the responsibility of designing new games for the Barnibles Series which is where Barnibles Home came in. 

This experience was important because it taught me that you must always make frequent builds to test with your intended audience throughout production in order to make a product that best suits their needs and desires. Barnibles is easily navigated by its target audience due to the extensive testing it received.

Available On Google Play Store

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